Other international activities
  • Visits and workshops with University of Tsingua, China, University of Maryland, USA, and Warsaw Technical University, Poland.
  • In connection to the Polish week in Trondheim, a seminar entitled “Efficient use of energy in the building sector” has been arranged. The seminar had participants from Norwegian and Polish industry and research communities. www.ntnu.no/Polen2006/
    An application for a common research project entitled “Sustainable Thermomodernisation of Public Buildings (STEP)” was sent to the Polish EAA grants, and the application was granted. The project started in 2007.
  • Nordic Project: “Integrated Energy Design –IED” in co-operation with KanEnergi Norway and Sweden, Esbensen Rådgivende Ingeniører, Danmark, and Motiva Oy, Finland.




More information about the project can be found at the project web-site.



Published January 22, 2009

Ulrik Wigenstad