WP2: The Buildings


Project 2.1 Integrated Design Process


Project Leader: Professor Anne Grete Hestnes, Department of Architecture, History and Design, NTNU.

  • Analysis of integrated design processes and the use of digital tools in building projects (Ph.D. study, Terje Tollefsen).
  • Development of a design guideline for integrated design of smart energy-efficient buildings.

Project 2.2 Building Integrated Energy Systems


Project Leader: Professor Øyvind Aschehoug, Department of Architecture, History and Design, NTNU.

  • Participation in IEA ECBCS Annex 44: Integrating Environmentally Responsive Elements in Buildings – Leader of subtask B.
  • Contributions to international State-of-the-art of Responsive building elements and Integrated Building Concepts.
  • The development of a concept for smart facades
  • Expert advisors to several pilot projects across Norway.
  • The completion of the PhD study by Annemie Wyckmans: “Intelligent Building Envelopes. Architectural Concept & Applications for Daylighting Quality”




Schematic drawing of Mæla
in Skien (Pir II Architects).


Project 2.3 Daylighting and Electric Lighting


Project Leader: Professor Barbara Matusiak, Department of Architecture, Form and Colour, NTNU.

  • Development of daylighting lab with artificial sun and completion of a “room and light” laboratory at the campus.
  • Development of a prototype of a new type of lighting fixture combining daylight and artificial light (in co-operation with Luxo).
  • Development of a design method for a smart external shading system – “WonderWall” and implementation of the system in the architectural competition “Europe’s most energy-efficient building” in Oslo.
  • Modelling of smart daylighting systems for window openings at high latitudes (PhD Tore Kolås).

Project 2.4 Building Integrated Photovoltaics

Project Leader: Senior Researcher Inger Andresen, SINTEF Building and Infrastructure.

  • Participation in IEA
    PVPS Task 10:
    Urban scale photovoltaic
  • Development of a tool
    for integrated planning of
    PV systems in the built




  • Analysis of architectural integration of PV in office buildings.

Published January 1, 2009

Ulrik Wigenstad