Motivation. The general scope of this WP is to develop a guideline document with materials requirements as basis for design of structures in the arctic region. The work will build upon and further develop the Guideline written in AM I. The guideline will address the following materials: (1) Steels and weldments, and (2) Polymers. Aluminium is covered by Eurocode 9 for temperatures down to -100°C, and will not be included in the Project Guidelines.

Guideline content
The "Steels and weldments" part will cover relevant design criteria, including different failure modes, for selection of steels and welding procedures. This part will also address testing requirements to demonstrate fulfilment of design criteria. The guideline in AM II will focus on hot rolled plates, cast materials, pipes, and filler materials.

The polymer part of the Guideline will focus on subsea thermal insulation and sealing applications and to Identify operational requirements and reliability level to further develop needed input for guideline

The content of the updated Project Guideline will depend on the results obtained and aspects treated in the project, the maturity of the models developed and the degree of validation performed.


Published January 8, 2010