Assessment platform

Motivation. Due to the large test programmes run in both the previous and the current project at low temperature, it is of clear benefit to collect and systematize all test results in an appropriate database. It is also possible to include predictions and modelling in such database if taken to the next level. Moreover, it is also possible to extend this to cover all materials included in the project.

In this context, WP1 will serve as a hub for the interconnection of the other WPs. For each material under study (Steel, Al, Polymers/Coatings) a generic assessment platform will be proposed through a strong interaction between reliable databases, selected mature material models and qualification procedures.


  • To establish a generic framework for safe data and reliable testing procedures
  • To establish an interface to secure a reliable and efficient dialogue between testing data and material models

Work description. The following sub-tasks will be included:

  • Selected data from the AM I project results will be imported in the database and expanded trough a systematic classification during the project.
  • Testing methods (tensile testing, fracture mechanics testing,..) and associated procedures developed in the other WPs will be incorporated in the database system . For polymer DMTA, and compression procedures will be also evaluated for integration.
  • To integrate Micromechanical models for brittle fracture as the Beremin model and the Master curve model proposed in arctic I will be integrated.
  • To develop automatic procedures for calibration including systematic meshing required for the local Weibull stress FE Weibull stress calculation.
  • To evaluate the framework developed in task1.1 again its ability to assess the constraint, scatter and size effects shown by experimental data for old and new steel data.
  • Assess the model ability to account for the geometry constraint effect experimentally observed in the (simulated) HAZ for old and new steel data.


Published January 8, 2010