Pre-ACT webinar #6

Pre-ACT webinar #6

Pre-ACT webinar #6

27/05/2020 - 10:00 Add to calendar
27/05/2020 - 11:00


Svelvik CO2 Field Lab: Review of the 2019 injection campaign and interpretation of aquired data

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  • Michael Jordan, SINTEF
  • Wolfgang Weinzierl, GFZ Potsdam

DATE: May 27, 2020

TIME: 10:00 – 11:00 AM (CET)

DURATION: 1 hour incl. Q&A



The ERA-ACT funded Pre-ACT project presents findings from its Work Package 2, focusing on the 2019 injection campaign and interpretation of acquired data at the Svelvik CO2 field lab.

This presentation will focus on the instrumentation of the monitoring wells, the injection campaigns, and results obtained from a multi-measurement setup targeting the effects of pressure and saturation changes related to CO2 injection.

Wolfgang Weinzierl (Research Scientist, GFZ) will focus on the ERT acquisition, detailing the initial investigations used to define the acquisition schedules and first results obtained during the injection campaign.

Michael Jordan (Senior Scientist, SINTEF) will present results from the seismic acquisition campaigns, ranging from sparse "pinging" to cross-well tomographic setups. The seismic and ERT acquisition campaigns are supported by a multi-level down-hole pressure system, providing pore pressure as ground truth during baseline and monitoring surveys. The joint analysis of the monitoring data reveals preferential migration of the CO2 during and post-injection and shows clear indications of pressure related variations in the seismic data.

The findings from these studies are fundamental to the pressure driven conformance protocols developed in the Pre-ACT project.



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