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Pre-ACT Webinars

The Pre-ACT project will during the spring of 2020 arrange a series of webinars summarizing important findings from nearly three years of research on topics ranging from pre-injection modelling/experimental studies and novel monitoring concepts, to conformance verification strategies, decision making guidelines, and CO2 storage case studies in the North Sea. The webinars are open to all and include a Q&A part, hopefully being an efficient means of communication in times of travel/event restrictions.  Welcome!

  • Pre-ACT webinar #1: March 24th, 10:00 AM CET, 2020
    • Part 1: Pressure propagation and saturation changes in reservoirs displaying geological heterogeneity (Hayley Vosper, BGS)
    • Part 2: Acoustic emission testing - Investigation of the footprint of a pressure plume (Pierre Cerasi, SINTEF)
  • Pre-ACT webinar #2: March 31th, 10:00 AM CET, 2020 
    • Assessing monitoring effectiveness in CO2 storage operations using a novel conformance verification workflow and decision analysis (Eduardo Barros, TNO; Alv-Arne Grimstad, SINTEF)
  • Pre-ACT webinar #3: April 17th, 11:00 AM CET, 2020
    • Impact potential of hypersaline brines released into the marine environment as part of reservoir pressure management (Jerry Blackford and Marius Dewar, Plymouth Marine Laboratory)
  • Pre-ACT webinar #4: May 13th, 10:00 AM CET, 2020
    • Part 1: Deep learning a pore-elastic rock physics model for pressure and saturation discrimination (Wolfgang Weinzierl, GFZ)
    • Part 2: Bayesian rock physics inversion for monitoring: CO2 saturation, distribution and pore pressure estimates (Bastien Dupuy, SINTEF)
  • Pre-ACT webinar #5: May 20th, 13:00 CET, 2020
    • Part 1: Case study: Smeaheia - effect of faults and heterogeneities on CO2 storage capacity (Ane Lothe, SINTEF)
    • Part 2: Case study: Building heterogeneous reservoir realisations using the Endurance structure, UK (Jim White, BGS)
    • Part 3: Case study: Conformance verification of injection well in depleted gas reservoir, the Dutch sector (Eduardo Barros, TNO)
  • Pre-ACT webinar #6: May 27th, 10:00 AM CET, 2020
    • Svelvik CO2 Field Lab: Review of the 2019 injection campaign and interpretation of acquired data (Michael Jordan, SINTEF; Wolfgang Weinzierl, GFZ)


About the Pre-ACT Webinars 

To access the webinar, you must register via the link listed for each webinar above. By registering you will receive a unique link that you use to enter the webinar. 
The webinar will be open 5 minutes prior to start.
Interested, but can't attend? Register anyway, and we'll send you a link to the recording. 

Best regards,The Pre-ACT Team 

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