Water treatment

Batch reactors or flow reactors are used to test the oxidation property of catalysts and catalytic membranes. Basic properties and operation conditions are tested in a laboratory scale reactors. Combinatorial approach (high through put method) is a strong tool to sort the catalysts and can be used in the photo-catalyst development. Laboratory scale test rig can treat e.g. 1-2L of liquid in one test.

A catalytic membrane reactor in a pilot scale has been demonstrated by Due Miljø through the EU-project WaterCatox and is under operation at SINTEF. A similar configuration can be used for a photo-catalytic membrane reactor in a pilot scale.

Combinatorial tests

Combinatorial tests

 Apparatus for testing the effectiveness of the photocatalysts in powdered form as well as deposited on the surface of a membrane constructed in ICSC.

An example of a pilot scale water treatment unit

Published February 17, 2009