Two new reports have been published by the MetroHyVe 2 projects.

Report A2.1.1 details the available gas calibrants, existing gaps and recommendations to ensure compliance of commercial laboratories to ISO 21087:2019. The report identifies gas calibrants of formaldehyde and ammonia to have too large uncertainty. Also, reference materials for method validation and interlaboratory comparison is of limited availability. This has been identified as a major barrier for the laboratories to show compliance with ISO 21087.

Report A2.4.1 is a review of state of the art of online gas sensors and analysers. The report discusses the specifications relevant to its application (e.g. trueness, precision, response time, stability and drift, sensitivity), operating conditions (e.g. temperature, pressure, flow) and finally tabulates identified sensors/analysers by technology. It raises the importance of validating gas sensor and analyser and the importance of  developing new low cost sensors for hydrogen quality monitoring.

The reports are available under Downloads