MetroHyVe 2 partners presented their results at the European Hydrogen Energy Conference (EHEC) in Madrid on 18-20th of May 2022.

Logo of the European Hydrogen Energy Conference 2022

NPL with the support of RISE has prepared the first large proficiency testing for hydrogen fuel quality. This proficiency testing is one of the most ambitious exercises worldwide on hydrogen fuel quality. This exercise covers a range of permanent and reactive compounds (N2, CO2, CH4, C3H8, CO, H2S, C4Cl4F6, O2, H2O) at level compatible with the international standard ISO 14687 grade D (8 compounds out of the total 13). It includes challenging compounds as the measurement of sulphur at few nmol/mol, halogenated compounds at few dozen nmol/mol or carbon monoxide at hundreds of nmol/mol. Thirteen participants from Asia, America and Europe have joined the proficiency testing exercise. The cylinders have been dispatched to all the participants. This new international benchmarking results will be presented in 2023. It will be the first analytical laboratory benchmark of hydrogen fuel.