"Geological Storage of CO2: Mathematical Modelling and Risk Analysis" (MatMoRA) is a strategic research project  (2007-2011) funded in part by the Climit programme at the Research Council of Norway and in part by Norsk Hydro, Statoil, and Shell.

The project aims to develop analytical and numerical tools to be used in risk assessment analysis of geological storage of CO2. This objective will be achieved by:

  • Improved theoretical understanding through mathematical analysis of CO2 flow and transport in fractured, or periodically heterogeneous media, where the aim of the analysis is to aid in the upscaling of dissolution processes and to verify numerical modelling of lfow through fractured systems.
  • Developing of fast simulation technology based on a streamline formulation to model CO2 transport in heterogeneous and fractured and faulted media.
  • Verification of mathematical models and numerical formulations. Streamline methods are typically developed for reduced physical models. Accuracy and robustness of models and methods will be demonstrated through comparisons with full-physics simulators on smaller representative grid models.
  • Developing methods for risk assessment by defining measures for success and failure of storage operations.

Final report

A final that summarizes the main results from the project and gives some recommendations, both with regard to best practices and further research directions, is available for download. [ Word | PDF ]


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Published November 5, 2012

Project 178013 funded by the Climit programme