From this web page you can download data sets and models developed in the MatMoRA project.

The Johansen Formation

The Johansen formation is a candidate site for large-scale CO2 storage offshore the south-west coast of Norway. As part of the MatMoRA project, we have developed a geological model based on available seismic and well data.

The Johansen formation was used as background when creating Benchmark #3 presented at the Workshop on Numerical Models for Carbon Dioxide Storage in Geological Formations, Stuttgart, April 2-4, 2008. This benchmark used a simplified geometry and a small extract of the entire model. The workshop demonstrated that different modeling groups need to communicate to calibrate and understand the workings of computational tools, but also the need for real data to be provided for the modeling community. Herein we therefore offer a complete data set as a potential benchmark case.
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Published February 27, 2009

Project 178013 funded by the Climit programme