Corner-Point Geometry for the Johansen Formation

Pillar coordinates

Each (linear) pillar is defined by two distinct points on it, which is specified by two triplets of x-, y- and z-coordinates. There are (nx + 1) x (ny + 1) pillars in the grid, which gives a total of 6 x (nx + 1) x (ny + 1) double values in the data file. The unit is metres.

Data files:

  • Sector5_PillarCoordinates.txt
  • Sector10_PillarCoordinates.txt
  • Sector15_PillarCoordinates .txt
  • NPD5_PillarCoordinates .txt

Corner-point depths

The depths of the corner points of each cell are specified with 2nx x 2ny x 2nz values. First the two corners in the i-direction of the first grid cell is given, then the two corner of the next grid block in the i-direction etc. The unit of the values is metres, and the depth values are positive with increasing values downwards.

Data files:

  • Sector5_CornerDepths.txt
  • Sector10_CornerDepths.txt
  • Sector15_CornerDepths.txt
  • NPD5_CornerDepths.txt

Active cells

Some of the cells in the corner point grid are not included in the simulation. The active cells have the value 1 while the inactive cells have the value 0.

Data files:

  • Sector5_ActiveCells.txt
  • Sector10_ActiveCells.txt
  • Sector15_ActiveCells.txt
  • NPD5_ActiveCells.txt

Published March 31, 2009

Corner-Point Grids

The corner point format assumes that grid cell corners are distributed along vertical, linear pillars. All grid cells have 8 corners, but these may not be geometrically distinct due to grid pinch-outs. Since the grids are allowed to contain vertical faults, all the eight corners are provided for each grid block.

The grid blocks are ordered with the x-axis index (i-direction) cycling fastest, then the y- and z-axis indices (j- and k-direction). The grid contains nx x ny x nz grid cells. All cell-wise property data follows this numbering scheme.

Project 178013 funded by the Climit programme