About us

The GoNorth consortium includes the following universities and research institutes:

The management team of GoNorth consists of:

  • Gunnar Sand, project manager (project director at SINTEF)
  • Matthias Forwick, scientific manager (Head of department of Geosciences at UiT: The Arctic University of Norway)
  • Rolf Mjelde, scientific manager (professor, Institute of Geosciences at University of Bergen)
  • Hanne Sagen, scientific manager (research leader at Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center)
  • Jan Inge Faleide (professor, Department of Geoscience at the University of Oslo)

The GoNorth steering board consists of:

  • Brit Lisa Skjelkvåle, Head of department of Geosciences, UiO (leader)
  • Harald Ellingsen, Former Managing Director, UNIS (deputy leader)
  • Salve Dahle, Project Director, Akvaplan-niva
  • Trond Dokken, Director, NORCE
  • Alfred Hanssen, Head of ARCEx Center, UiT
  • Vegar Johansen, Managing Director, SINTEF Ocean
  • Anne Lycke, Managing Director, NORSAR
  • Sebastian Mernild, Managing Director, NERSC
  • Ole Arve Misund, Managing Director, NPI
  • May Britt Myhr, Managing Director, NGU
  • Rolf Birger Pedersen, Head of Jebsen Centre, UiB
  • Ulf Sverdrup, Managing Director, NUPI
  • Egil Tjåland, Head of Department of Geosciences, NTNU