GeoScale - Direct Reservoir Simulation on Geocellular Models

Reports etc
  1. J. E. Aarnes, S. Krogstad, K.-A. Lie, and V. Laptev. Multiscale mixed methods on corner-point grids: mimetic versus mixed subgrid solvers. SINTEF Report A578, December 2006, ISBN: 82-14-04042-6.
  2. V. R. Stenerud and K.-A. Lie. Streamline-based history matching: A review. SINTEF Report A4109, November 2007, ISBN: 9788214040753. 
  3. J.E. Aarnes, S. Krogstad, and K.-A. Lie. Application of multiscale modelling concepts on the reservoir model for the Norne field. SINTEF Report.

Published February 22, 2008

A portfolio of strategic research projects funded by the Research Council of Norway