Task A3: Casting process

Overall description of main R&D challenges

  • New knowledge about the casting process is essential in order to cast larger and more complicated components, reduce foundry production costs and get data that is needed to perform high quality simulations of component fatigue life time. A number of R&D challenges are linked to the casting process:
  • Optimization of runner and feeder systems through use of new simulation tools.
  • Simulation of residual stresses in cast wind turbine components.
  • Development of criteria and models for simulation of type, size, shape, number density and location of casting defects such as porosity, oxide- and slag inclusions and surface defects linked to interaction between the metal and the mould surface.

Main goals

  • Development of new criteria for design of runner and feeder systems based on simulation of the casting process, which will result in a reduction of oxide- and slag inclusions, and thus a higher and more consistent quality of the cast component.

Published January 15, 2009