Project objectives

The principal objective of the FeVIND project is to give the project partners knowledge, ability and methodology that make them best world wide when it comes to delivery of services linked to production of cast iron wind turbine components, including:

  • Consistent quality
  • Competitive price
  • Intelligent design with documented fatigue properties

Major verifiable goals

The major verifiable goal for the FeVIND project is to have developed a design methodology that in a given case compared to current existing methodology (per 2007) can document an improved design, measured as:

  • Reduced weight of the component having the same constructional integrity, based on further development of the P.FAT simulation tool.
  • Improved casting quality defined as reduced levels of oxide- and slag inclusions.
  • Improved melt treatment defined as optimal of nucleation and microstructure development based on use of current (per 2007) alloying additions.

Published January 15, 2009