Project organisation
  • FeVIND is a value chain project where raw material suppliers, iron foundries and wind mill manufactureres are represented. Some of the partners are competitors within the same market segment, the desition to co-operate on a pre-competitive level is thus a very strong signal on the desire to solve common important research and development challenges.

  • Rolls-Royce Marine AS Foundry Bergen is responsible for the project and SINTEF Materials and Chemistry act as project leader and main research partner. Other partners NTNU, Tinfos Titan and Iron AS, Elkem ASA, Siemens Wind Power A/S and Vestas Wind Systems A/S are fully integrated in the flat project organisation.

  • All partners in the project are represented in the project steering committee, which is lead by Rolls-Royce with the project leader as secretary

Published January 15, 2009