High Speed Vessels

MARINTEK has developed a theoretically consistent unified model combining manoeuvring and seakeeping models for conventional ships at low and moderate speeds. The model is implemented into a ship motion simulator, which can be used to

  • study the seakeeping performance of the ship with varying speed and heading in realistic conditions
  • develop and test motion control systems
  • train onboard personnel

The objective of the present workpackage is to develop a unified seakeeping and manoeuvring model for high speed craft (HSC). To cover the speed-regime of HSC, both conventional (2D) strip theory and high-speed (2 ½ D) strip theory must be used in the hydrodynamic calculations. An important task is to develop proper models for foils, interceptors, HSC propellers and waterjets. Models for automatic control and actuators for such devices must be properly implemented. Finally, the workpackage aims at developing models for nonlinear wave-loads, with special focus on slamming.

Published October 27, 2006