About us

MARINTEK - the Norwegian Marine Technology Research Institute - does research, development and technical consulting in the maritime sector for industry and the public sector. The Institute develops and verifies technological solutions for the shipping and maritime equipment industries and for offshore petroleum production.

Division Ship and Ocean Laboratory comprises all MARINTEK hydrodynamic laboratories, and is serving the shipping, offshore and fishing industry within physical model studies and theoretical computer programs and analysis. The division has a total staff of 100, of these 50 are scientists/researchers, and an annual turnover of approximately ??? ... mill NOK (2005 figures).

Ship and Ocean Laboratory is organized in four departments:

  • Marine operations and simulation
  • Offshore hydrodynamics
  • Ship technology
  • Model production and instrumentation

In cooperation with Rolls-Royce Marine and Department of Marine Technology, NTNU, MARINTEK takes part in work on propulsion in a seaway which is the topic of the Rolls-Royce University Technology Centre in Trondheim. Professor Sverre Steen has the management of this UTC. For more info see the UTC website.

Published October 27, 2006