Offshore Hydrodynamics

Small scale model testing is normally an important step in the process of designing new ships and other marine structures. MARINTEK’s ocean basin laboratory was tailor-made for testing of stationary offshore structures; both bottom fixed platforms and floating anchored vessels. MARINTEK has a leading competence in analysis and testing of station-keeping systems for platforms and other work vessels used in the offshore industry. This competence has developed during more than 30 years of development of analysis methods, computer programs and model testing of both anchor systems and dynamic positioning (DP) systems. The Department of Offshore Hydrodynamics provides services within testing and investigation of moored and DP-positioned floating production systems, offshore loading systems, bottom-mounted structures and quays.

The Department of Offshore Hydrodynamics offers services within global loads on slender structures, e.g. dynamic risers, pipes and various buoy systems. Problems related to vortex induced vibrations and devices to reduce these effects are assessed by advanced model tests and analysis.

Published October 27, 2006