Distribution Innovation AS offers flexible solutions for distribution companies. DI is the Effekt project owner (coordinator) and the main channel for commercial distribution of results after industrialization.

Aftenposten Distribusjon AS  (ADI) is a fully owned daughter company of Aftenposten AS that is responsible for the distribution of the three editions – Morning, Afternoon and Sunday  – as well as approximately 170 million commercial enclosures per year. 12 other daily newspapers and 49 other periodicals and books are also distributed. For all 850 morning routes ADI uses a daily Internet download of carrier routes to the electronic delivery guide to secure correct delivery. ADI covers collective distribution in all of Akershus and Oslo with the exception of Romerike. The company has five regional offices; three inside Oslo, one in Akershus vest (Asker & Bærum) and one in Akershus south (Follo). ADI employs some 2200 people of 98 different nationalities. Revenues amounted to 370 mill. NOK in 2007. The main role of ADI in Effekt is to provide requirements and assess the results.

Edda Distribusjon AS  is the distribution company of Edda Media, one of the leading media companies in Norway. Edda Media has 125 editorial publications in Norway, of which 48 are newspapers. Edda Distribution has sevel local distribution networks.

Romerike MediaDistribusjon AS  distributes more than 76.000 newspapers, trade journals, and weeklies. Including additional products, the number of deliveries  exceed 53 millions per year.
  MediaPost AS is a provider of distribution solutions for national media products. Distribution is executed through networks of newspaper distributors. The main focus of MediaPost is the distribution of trade journals, weeklies, books and members’ bulletins. In other words, media products with a subscription base and a relatively high publishing frequency.
  Norkart AS  is a major GIS vendor and consultant in Norway.
Agora Innoroad Laboratory at the University of Jyväskylä has developed methods for solving huge-scale, industrial VRPs in collaboration with SINTEF. AIL is no longer a member of the Effekt consortium.
SINTEF  is the largest independent research organisation in Scandinavia. Every year, SINTEF supports the development of 2000 or so Norwegian and overseas companies through our research and development activities. SINTEF ICT has responsibility for the Effekt transportation optimization solver that is based on the Spider technology. Chief Research Scientist Geir Hasle of SINTEF ICT is the Effekt project manager.



Published November 15, 2005