The CRIOP history

The first version of CRIOP was published in 1990. The scope was a scenario and general checklist-method for "Evaluation of the Offshore Control Centre". The focus of the methodology was on the human aspects in terms of conditions for successful crisis handling.

The initial methodology was a result of the CRIOP project, "Crisis Intervention in Offshore Production," taking place in the period 1985-90, with support from Norsk Hydro, Saga and Elf. Some of the key events since the development of CRIOP in the 1990's have been:

  • 1990 and onward: CRIOP used as preferred methodology at Norsk Hydro (On Oseberg C, Troll B, Njord, Visund, Troll C, Oseberg Sør, Oseberg D, Grane).
  • 1990: New regulation of Norwegian offshore industry, new standards such as NORSOK.
  • 1997: CRIOP is recommended as a preferred methodology in NORSOK S002, Rev 3.
  • 2000: NPD (Norwegian Petroleum Directorate) is increasing focus on Man Machine interfaces and Human Factors (HF), ISO 11064 (Ergonomic design of control centres).
  • 2001: New NORSOK standard I-002 on SAS systems.
  • 2002: NPD published new HSE rules and regulations. These include requirements for analysis, systematic end user involvement, alarm handling, validation and verification, competence, reduction of human errors and Man Machine Interface in Control Rooms.
  • 2003: NPD published guidelines for validating and verifying HF in Control Rooms.
  • 2004: New version of NORSOK S-002, Revision 4.

Based on the use of the CRIOP methodology in the petroleum industry, Norsk Hydro decided to initiate a revision of the methodology in 2003. A project initiation meeting was arranged at 9/12-2002. This group, with some included members, has been used as a Steering Committee (SC) for the project to update CRIOP, chaired by Norsk Hydro/J. Monsen. You can learn more about the CRIOP developers, consultants and projects under "Participants and projects".

The new CRIOP methodology has been improved through experience from several CRIOP analyses, among others at Snøhvit /Statoil, Visund /Statoil /Norsk Hydro and Oseberg Feltsenter /Norsk Hydro. The user experience has been discussed with an expert team. The experience from the pilots has been included in the revised version of CRIOP. The new version was published in 2003, and the change history has been as documented in the following:

  • 2003: Checklists updated in relation to changes in NPD regulations, NPD Guidelines such as YA-711 (Principles for alarm system design) and Human Factors in Control Rooms, ISO-11064 (Ergonomic design of control centres) and NORSOK. The scenario methodology has been substantially revised.
  • 2004: Questions related to Drillers Cabin have been incorporated. The e-Operations checklist has been developed end tested together with the industry. The CRIOP checklists has been simplified and structured. The language has been simplified. Experience from several CRIOP analyses has been incorporated.
  • 2008: A scenario related to SAS/SIS breakdown in combination with communication breakdown has been added. The e-Operations checklist has been integrated in section 4 and relevant references have been added. The language has been simplified.
  • 2011: New HSE regulations of 2011-01-01 have been incorporated.

Published June 24, 2011



Contact person: Stig Ole Johnsen