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Recursive intersection toolkit
The toolkit combines recursive subdivision and approximate implicitization for identifying all branches of the intersection (within a user defined tolerance), as well as software for refining the intersection curves produced to the required accuracy.

The toolkit offers:

  • Intersection of a curve and a point
  • Intersection of two NURBS curves
  • Intersection of a NURBS curve and an implicit curve
  • Intersection of a NURBS curve and a NURBS surface
  • Intersection of a NURNS curve and an implicit surface
  • Intersection ot two NURBS surfaces
  • Intersection of a NURBS surface and an implicit surface
  • Self-intersection of NURBS curve
  • Self-intersection of NURBS surface

The toolkit is currently a prototype, but the plan is to further test and stabilize to bring the toolkit to a sufficient quality level for industrial use.

Published June 24, 2005