Zeotype materials

Micro- and mesoporous materials

Novel new structures prepared by the CATMAT group.

Hydrothermal synthesis Zeolites by high throughput technology - Na2O-Al2O3-SiO2 - system, 60 - 260°C

Development of new or improved micro and mesoporous materials usable as catalysts and adsorbents for chemical conversion of suitable feed stocks. This covers new or improved technologies with respect to preparation and testing of micro- and mesoporous materials, including high throughput experimentation:

  • Proprietary new and/or improved micro- and mesoporous materials have been synthesised, characterised and tested in co-operation with Norwegian and international companies, like Statoil, Norsk Hydro, Phillips Petroleum, Dechema, CEPSA, Grace, Euron, ØMV, UOP
  • New micro- and mesoporous materials have been prepared and studied (see publication list)
  • New synthesising methods have been developed (including combinatorial approaches), yielding compounds with enhanced catalytic activity, selectivity and improved stability as well as improved separation abilities. Entirely new structures have been identified through extensive characterisation.
  • Development of new or improved process technology, which is environmentally acceptable and allows an economic industrial production by lowering the process costs through more efficient micro- and mesoporous materials (e.g. Methanol to hydrocarbons, catalytic cracking, separation and cleaning)
  • Test equipment has been developed and built, including high throughput facilities, for different types of processes, with high degree of automatic process control and advanced analytical instrumentation.
  • A wide, international contact net has been established through co-operation projects, lectures in Norway and abroad, student supervision and exchange of students and postdocs. Several patents have been issued, and non-proprietary results have been published in international scientific journals and presented at international conferences (see publcation list)


Published November 6, 2006