Scientific and technological objective
The CATMAT collaboration will work deeply on challenging problems of complex nature –from fundamental materials chemistry, catalysis, theory and modeling, to testing and reactor design. Thereby the CATMAT collaboration shall become a real resource for national and international industry in the fields of catalysis and adsorbents, with emphasis on upgrading of oil and gas, CO2 capture and H2 storage.

The CATMAT Gemini-centre was established between the University of Oslo (Centre for Materials Science and Nanotechnology, SMN; (www.smn.uio.no) and SINTEF with research focus on catalytic materials and adsorbents. . CATMAT had an opening seminar December 3rd, 2004. (Presentations from the seminar)

The Gemini Centre concept is to:

Develop large scientific groups with parallel interests, at SINTEF and NTNU / University of Oslo, of higher quality than either of the partners could manage to build up on its own. There is an international demand for first-class scientific groups on the part of both project sponsors and students. The Gemini Centres have the following vision:

To be an international joint force at the leading edge of research


The CATMAT Gemini-centre operates through a board, consisting of:

  • Professor Mats Tilset, UiO (centre head)
  • Research scientist Richard H. Heyn, SINTEF
  • Chief scientist Michael Stöcker, SINTEF
  • Senior scientist Richard Blom, SINTEF
  • Professor Helmer Fjellvåg, UiO
  • Professor Unni Olsbye, UiO

Mats Tilset, UiO
Phone: + 47 2285 5502