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Project Tasks
Three main parts were distinguished in the project: a scientific component, a methodological component and an decisive component

The three main parts were: 

  • a scientific component:

This part concerned the WP1 and WP2. They were a prerequisite for the following WP of the project and particularly gave the methodological component a solid scientific base;

  • a methodological component

This component concerned WP3 and WP4. It was the nucleus of the project and did construct the procedures necessary for the elaboration of the CARE-W procedure (WP5);


  • a decisive component

This component concerned WP5, WP6 and WP7, including the construction and testing of prototype and the involvement of end-users in the method development.


Work packages

  1. Construction of a control panel of Performance Indicators for Rehabilitation
  2. Description and validation of technical tools
  3. Elaboration of a decision support for annual rehabilitation programme
  4. Elaboration of long-term strategic planning and investment
  5. Elaboration of the CARE-W prototype
  6. Testing and validation of the CARE-W prototype
  7. Dissemination

Published January 14, 2008

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