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Project Results
CARE-W is a computer-based system for water network rehabilitation planning. It consists of software dealing with fundamental instruments for estimating the current and future condition of water networks, i.e. Performance Indicators, prediction of network failures and calculation of water supply reliability. Furthermore it includes routines for estimating long-term investment needs as well as selection and ranking of rehabilitation projects. These tools are integrated and are operated jointly in the CARE-W prototype, which also contains facilities for use including database, GIS and in- output routines. The results are presented by reports, in tables and by graphics/GIS.
  • PI Performance Indicators: A Control Panel of Performance Indicators for rehabilitation
  • FAIL Failure forecasting: Modelling tools for failure forecasting
  • REL Water supply reliability: Hydraulic service reliability models
  • ARP Multicriteria decision of rehab projects: A decision support for an Annual Rehabilitation Programme
  • LTP Long-term investment planning: A long-term strategic Planning and Investment
  • Published January 15, 2008

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