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Elaboration of the CARE-W prototype

Task 5.1   CARE-W procedure

The CARE-W rehabilitation planning procedure integrates and optimises the use of the methodologies used by the individual tools within the CARE-W suite of tools. The structure of this information and the result of testing (see Task 6.1) have been handled in this task.


Task 5.2   Defining structure of database

A prototype database system has been developed, to handle input and output (result) data from the different routines, i.e.:

  1. Performance indicator database
  2. Pipe failure prediction and water supply service reliability routines
  3. Knowledge database of reconstruction and reliabilitation technologies
  4. Priorities for and within annual rehabilitation programmes
  5. Whole life financial analysis of schemes as a function of long-term strategies
  6. Long-term (general) priorities

The structure of this database includes an open interface for the connection to the variety of water network databases being used in water utilities.


Task 5.3   Prototype (software and manual)

A prototype, a user's manual and a handbook are the final outputs from the CARE-W project. The prototype is accessible from SINTEF and illustrate the rationale, procedure and results for the test cases.

Published January 14, 2008

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