Ayming is an International Business Consulting company specialized in providing support to decision making and tools in order to increase the economic performances of its customers covering the following areas: Human Resources, Innovation & Finance (Public Funding & Policies for R&D&I, Tax incentives), Purchasing and Outsourcing.

Ayming operates in 16 EU countries including: France, UK, Spain, Germany, Benelux, Italy, Portugal, Hungary, Poland & Czech Rep; North America (USA & Canada) and Asia with 1 500 employees worldwide and generates revenues of 163.8 M€.

The business line "Innovation performance" owns a core expertise in innovation management with 40 experienced consultants trained in a wide field of science & technology, and provides services within :

  • Technology intelligence (technology scouting/watch/positioning/stakeholder analysis)
  • Innovation creativity/processes/management
  • Project engineering/funding/management
  • Innovation marketing (business model, business plan, market studies)

The team has been involved in the set-up & management of collaborative research & innovation projects since FP 4 and has a proven track record of its experience:

  • Participation to over 300 projects proposals during FP7 with an average success rate of 50% (150 successful projects) representing 2 to 3 times the average success rate depending on the themes of the cooperation program (ref. 6th monitoring report FP7);
  • Ranking at 29th in the list of participating private organisations to FP7 (ref: 6th monitoring report FP7) with several success story projects;
  • Support in ~100 HORIZON2020 projects since the beginning of the programme;
  • Involvement in business analysis tasks in several running projects.

In C123, AYMING is involved on Operational Safety (WP4), and Exploitation and business plans (WP6).



Jetta Keranen, Team Leader, Senior Consultant
E-mail: jkeranen@ayming.com

Philippe Lenain, Consultant Project Leader
E-mail: plenain@ayming.com

Julie Chupin, Consultant Project Leader
E-mail: jchupin@ayming.com

web: https://www.ayming.com