Axel’One is a collaborative innovation platform dedicated to chemistry and environment. Created in 2011, the platform pools services, tools and skills aimed at reducing the costs and risks of industrial scale-up.

The Axel'One platform has supported R&D projects and VSEs and SMEs in the fields of advanced materials and innovative processes.

The experiments conducted on the platform range from basic research to the pre-industrial stage. They aim to meet the market challenges in areas such as energy efficiency, process optimization, lightweight and bio-sourced materials.

Axel'One provides spaces adapted to R&D collaborative projects (offices, laboratories, technological halls) as well as daily support services. The platform also offers R&D services through a wide range of research and scale-up tools. Axel'One has three sites in the vicinity of Lyon: Axel'One PMI (Innovative Materials Platform), Axel'One PPI (Innovative Processes Platform) and Axel'One Campus (Basic Research).

Axel'One in C123 project is mainly involved in WP2 (Oxidative Conversion of Methane-(OCoM) and WP3 (Hydroformylation). Axel'One will perform synthesis and shaping of the materials at pilot scale (up to 1kg scale) focusing on efficiency of raw materials use and minimisation of toxic organics, preferably by switching to aqueous or entirely solvent-free synthesis route.

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