Research Task

The research work is divided into four different work packages.

WP1: Floater and Farm mooring  

  • Material models for synthetic fibre ropes in mooring 
  • Mooring optimisation 
  • Farm mooring for floating wind turbines 
  • Interactions between low-frequency wind and wave loads 

2: Low-frequency hydrodynamic loads 

  • Analysis of experimental data 

  • Nonlinear potential flow theory 

  • Viscous drift loads 

Wind field modelling 

  • Atmospheric stability 

  • Dynamic wake meandering effects 

WP4: Laboratory experiments

An extensive ocean basin experiment will be carried out to establish high-quality data for analysis of low-frequency platform responses for validation of analytical and numerical methods. The substructure to be tested will be a semisubmersible floater adapted for a large wind turbine (e.g. DTU 10MW). Wind turbine loads will be modelled with Real-time hybrid model testing (ReaTHM)The focus of the experimental investigation is on the wave-wind-structure interaction and hydrodynamic loads that govern the low frequency responses – thus large waves and conditions with current is of particular interest