Wind Modeling

Mesh Generation


Mesh generation involving complex geometries like a wind turbine is highly complicated. The problem is generally addressed using tetrahedral meshes. However, such meshes are characterized by large numerical errors. Hybrid meshes involving hexahedral elements close to the wall and then tetrahedral meshes elsewhere have more recently become a norm. One reason why these kinds of mesh generators are most commonly used is the ease of their usage and automation. SINTEF ICT recently has been trying to address the issue by developing a spline based mesh generator which will automatically generate high quality mesh  with minimal manual intervention. Eivind Fonn is the key person involved in this development. Some snapshots from the mesh generator are depicted below.

Key features of the mesh generator:

1. Fully automatic
2. Block structured with emphasis on load balancing which can be conveniently used with efficient parallelized solvers
3. Spline based
4. High mesh quality

Published September 15, 2014