Wind Modeling

Airplane wake vortex separation


  • The NATMIG member SINTEF participates in WP12.2.2 of Sesar Joint Undertaking
  • Develop and validate concepts, procedures and tools to enable the flexible and dynamic application of wake vortex separations
  • Investigate the use of revised wake vortex weight categories reflecting the current fleet mix
  • Develop new wake vortex categories using additional parameters such as wing-span, wing design and landing speed
  • Evaluate use of pair wise wake vortex spacing based on precise knowledge of generator and follower characteristics
  • Evaluate use of dynamic pair wise wake vortex spacing taking into account the prevailing meteorological conditions
  • Definition, analysis and validation of the principles, requirements and systems for the above operational concepts to be implemented in a safe and efficient way enabling the accurate prediction and/or real-time detection of wake vortex, and
  • Build and validate prototypes with the goal to define how information related to wake vortex can be processed and used to optimize runway throughput.


Published November 17, 2009