Wind Modeling

Mandar Tabib
Dr Mandar has 10 years of experience in numerical modelling and Computational fluid dynamics (CFD)  for solving  industrial and academic problems. He joined SINTEF as a Research Scientist after completing his post-doctorate at Flow Technology group, CSIRO, Australia and his Ph.D. in fluid dynamics and chemical engineering at ICT, Mumbai.  He has 13 publications in reputed international peer reviewed journals in diverse areas. Apart from his research commitments, he has undertaken various responsibilities such as a project leader, a task leader, a CFD code developer/modeller with involvement in proposal writing and dissemination of results. In wind engineering, he has recently developed 3D CFD models capable of capturing the effects of complex terrains and buildings on turbulence and flow profiles for application in wind energy and aviation field. 
Areas of research : Clean Energy (Wind Energy and Process intensification for industry), Rotating machinery (Impeller Design),  Aviation . Reactive Multiphase flow systems, Mixing , Discrete Element Modelling,  Developing OpenFOAM based solvers; Experimental fluid dynamics (PIV and LDA); Turbulence modeling and Flow Structure analysis.

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Published September 15, 2014