The third release

Virtual-FCS announces the third release of its open-source platform for designing hybrid fuel cell and battery systems.

Trondheim— February 16, 2022 — The Virtual-FCS project consortium is announcing the third release of the VirtualFCS Modelica library (v2022.1.1). This open access version includes all the essential components needed to model, simulate, and emulate the performance of hybrid fuel cell and battery system used to design fuel cell systems for hydrogen vehicles and vessels. The third release features improvements were focused on enhanced Battery and Fuel Cell models, User Interface, Model Documentation and Real-Time Emulation and are as follows

  1. The Fuel Cell model is now a representative of a commercial system.
  2. Better Packaging and updated Single parameter list.
  3. Battery and Fuel cell systems documentation.
  4. Bug fixed - Thermal models for fuel cells, battery and hydrogen storage was also included.

The VirtualFCS library is available for download on GitHub and can be used together with the free modelling environment OpenModelica. The tutorials for the same can be found on our YouTube channel.


Coordinator: Kyrre Sundseth, E-mail:
Communication Manager: Nadia Yousfi Steiner, E-mail:
Code Manager: Yash Raka, Email: