TRISTAN VII in Tromsø, Norway June 20-25, 2010


Seventh Triennial Symposium on Transportation Analysis


Tromsø - The Gateway to the Arctic and the largest city in the Nordic countries north of the Arctic Circle. It is a mere 2000 km from the North Pole. In spite of its location so far north, Tromsø enjoys a moderate insular climate. This is due to the warming effects of the North Atlantic Current, an extension of the Gulf Stream.
The city of Tromsø in the midnight sun

Tromsø by midnight.
Photo: Destination Tromsø

Tromsø has the most Northern Lights in the world and 2 months of Midnight Sun. The city has a lively, colourful downtown rich in Arctic history. It is surrounded by the drama of the Lyngen Alps, blue fjords and hundreds of island.

Tromsø is home to the world’s northernmost university, brewery, and cathedral. The city lives on education, research, administration, fishing exports, and satellite technology.

The centre of the north has some 65,000 residents and the Municipality of Tromsø covers an area of 2558 km². Around 50,000 live in the centre of Tromsø, while the remainder is scattered throughout the whole municipality.

The Lyngen Alps close to Tromsø, Norway View from the Cable car in Tromsø The Arctic Cathedral in Tromsø

The Lyngen Alps
Photo: Destination Tromsø

View over Tromsø
Photo: Destination Tromsø

The Arctic Cathedral
Photo: Destination Tromsø

Published April 11, 2008

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