September 1st : The 75-year anniversary of the Towing Tank

01.09.2014The Towing Tank at Tyholt was officially opened on September the 1st, 1939.

Watch the film about the history of the Towing Tank.

Award for best energy idea

21.08.2014SINTEF's Tor Haakon Bakken has won an award today that makes him NOK 50,000 richer – for an idea to exploit the energy in household waste hot water.

The award-winner, Tor Haakon Bakken, wants to utilise the energy in all the hot water that you and I pour straight into the sewage system.

Controlling PCs and tablets with hand movements

01.09.2014In an office in Forskningsveien 1, Oslo, a researcher is making gentle, gymnastic hand movements in front of his tablet computer.

The Norwegian researchers have chosen to focus on ultrasound. This technology enables the whole screen to be used – which means a larger working surface. Photo: Werner Juvik/SINTEF.

Where am I and where am I going?

28.08.2014People can easily find their way around a room or in the outdoors – but a robot has no idea.

Johannes Tjønnås (left) and Sigurd Fjerdingen at SINTEF ICT are working with robots and their positioning indoors. They want to produce a more complete system designed for small companies. Here they...