Examples of research topics

Owing to the scale of the lab, the ease of access, the range of existing / potential additional instrumentation, and most of all the repeatability of experiments, the Svelvik CO2 Field Lab enables a wide range of research topics related to CO2 injection and monitoring. The following are examples of such topics that have been or will be studied in the near future:


1) Development and testing of seismic and non-seismic (e.g. ERT) techniques.

2) Quantitative CO2 monitoring including pressure and saturation determination.

3) Fibre-optic-based monitoring including testing of new cables, interpretation of recorded signals, and comparison with conventional methods.

4) Well integrity/leakage monitoring.

5) Surface detection methods for gas leakage.

6) Testing tracers for gas storage and leakage detection.

7) Drone-based leakage detection or orphaned wells detection.

8) Muon tomography.