Sure2Coat aims at delivering important innovations and scientific results beyond SoA from TRL 3 -> TRL 6 for the integration of new surface treatments of complex shaped components of aluminium and copper. Furthermore, integration of the surface treatment methods will be achieved by adapting to relevant manufacturing lines for the three use cases selected. To ensure the impacts of this work. Sure2Coat is dedicated achieve efficient dissemination, exploitation, and communication of the project outcomes.

Project overview - Sure2Coat will:

  1. Develop new flexible and environmentally friendly surface treatments for aluminium (Al) and copper (Cu), enabling multifunctional corrosion resistant and conductive surface functionalities on complex shape components.
  2. Integrate the new surface treatments into manufacturing lines for the production of electrical engines for the food & beverage industry, gas-water heaters for residential heating units, Al-based heat exchanger internals for latent heat storage applications.
  3. Demonstrate at TRL6 that the new production line will have higher efficiency, reduced material and energy consumption and lower environmental footprint than the current ones.
  4. Demonstrate >50% reduced energy consumption during use for Al-based electrical engine housings and latent heat storage heat exchanger internals and 5% increase in energy consumption and 10% reduction in Cu consumption for gas-water heaters. Simulation techniques and digital twins will be used to demonstrate integration of the technologies through the use cases.
  5. Enable the use of Al profiles in environments currently not applicable due to corrosion challenges, which will open new emerging markets: electrical engines for the mobility, shipping and aerospace sectors, construction elements, and future ultrathin heat exchangers.
  6. Ambition of a reduction in manufacturing costs of 10% by reduced energy consumption.

Overall project objectives

  • Development of new sustainable and flexible ST
  • Adapt each ST to the manufacturing lines for 3 use cases
  • Sustainable and competitive manufacturing processes
  • Encourage industrial acceptance of Sure2Coat solutions
  • Ensure compliance with EU sustainable manufacturing ecosystems
  • Maximise impact of Sure2Coat and encourage public acceptance of Sure2Coat solutions

The work is divived into the following work packages

  • WP1 Engineering of New Complex Surfaces
  • WP2 Design and Production of Complex Shape Profiles
  • WP3 Validation and Demonstration of Surface Treated Profiles at TRL6
  • WP4 Integration into Manufacturing Lines at TRL6
  • WP5 LCA and Techno-economic Evaluation
  • WP6 Exploitation, Dissemination and Communication
  • WP7 Project Management