The Sure2Coat ambition is to make a significant contribution to the twin digitalized and sustainable transition and an increased competitiveness of European manufacturing businesses stimulating new innovation ecosystems by developing and integrating sustainable surface treatments for complex shape components for transsectorial industrial innovation.

The Sure2Coat project will demonstrate the benefit of ST with respect to corrosion protection and to improved heat transfer properties. The goal is to identify and understand the causes of failure of materials and the performance of the new STs in conditions relevant for the final applications.

The Sure2Coat concept illustrating the new, more efficient production line with integrated surface.


The Sure2Coat concept is to develop and integrate new or optimized STs (surface treatments and coating) methods into manufacturing lines (TO1), and demonstrated through 3 use cases (TO3 and TO4). The results will give significant contributions to the European manufacturing industry and EUs growth strategy (TO5). Through the respective use cases, Sure2Coat will demonstrate end user's reduction of energy use and reduced energy and material consumption, CO2 emissions and pollution during production.

ToolBox approach indicating the manufacturing methods and surface treatments to be selected from for the three defined use cases. In addition, validation methods, integration, business strategies and dissemination and exploitation will be approached.