Flanders Hydraulics Research

Flanders Hydraulic Research

Flanders Hydraulics Research is a hydraulic, nautical and hydrological research centre that provides knowledge and consultancy in the field of water systems. 
Flanders Hydraulics Research is a division of the Department of Mobility and Public Works of the Flemish Gouvernment (Belgium) and aims  to support the policy and actions of the Flemish Government in the first place, but can also assist other inland and foreign public or private organisations.
For this purpose hydraulic scale models, mathematical models for tide, current, transport, waves, a shallow water towing tank and two ship manoeuvring simulators, wave tanks and flumes are used. 
This is combined with extensive field measurements as the institute is also responsible for the monitoring of the main rivers and for the flood prediction and warning.
For the nautical research the institute has a long standing collaboration with Ghent.University

Published May 4, 2007