The SINTEF Petroleum Conference will provide the O&G sector with a high-quality technological update within a selected topic. The selected topic for the 2016 edition is Shales as an opportunity. Shales represent more than 75% of the sedimentary rocks, in where petroleum resources are found, and also serve as source rock for petroleum. In order to enhance recovery, reduce costs and increase safety, it is necessary to improve precision in exploration, optimize production and drill safe wells. Shale knowledge plays a crucial role in achieving these targets. The invited speakers are qualified experts that will share their knowledge from different perspectives.

The SINTEF Petroleum Conference targets both technical personnel and managers in the petroleum sector relevant for operators, service industry, research institutes, universities and public sector.

Adjacent to the conference, there will be an educational session: SINTEF Shale School. Experienced scientists will provide a wide introduction to the topic of shales relevant for the petroleum sector. Personnel at all levels can here get a useful overview.

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