SMIGLO (Agile methods for global software development)

Globalization is an irreversible trend in software development, which has brought significant changes with increasingly more software being developed by global teams. This trend has gained momentum as companies seek access to new markets and technology and increased development capacity. For Norwegian software companies, succeeding in global development is essential to increase their market share. However, as development is more and more global, there is an increasing geographical, temporal, and cultural separation that creates additional challenges to the already complex task of managing frequent releases, high product quality and customer collaboration. Also studies show that global projects spend 250% more resources than co-located projects.

During the last years, the Norwegian software industry has become more effective through Agile methods. Smiglo is led by DNV GL, and will develop new research-based agile methods for global software development in order to increase competitiveness and market shares of the participating companies.

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Prosjektleder for Smiglo er Nils Brede Moe:

25-29 mai 2015 XP2015 (Helsinki)
26. november 2014 Seminar på smidig ledelse
27. oktober 2014
Trondheim Developer Conference
27-28 oktober 2014
Smidig 2014 (OSLO)