Our aim is to develop the smart pipeline (SmartPipe) concept; a complete monitoring system that will cover pipeline performance throughout its lifecycle, both with respect to technical condition and flow. SmartPipe includes sensor technology, data acquisition and associated interpretation and decision support.  The system will be developed to fit into general approaches for integrated operations/future e-field concepts.

The overall project is composed of three phases.  The first phase aims at providing a detailed specification of how such a system should be designed and implemented. This covers design and development of sensors, communication, local power generation as well as supporting data systems and decision support tools.  Key elements of the system (hardware and software) will be tested and proven in laboratory scale.  The second and third phase will aim at demonstrating the concept through a pilot installation and implementation of the concept in a full pipeline system.

The vision behind SmartPipe can be summarized as follows:

  • An on-line real-time reporting of the technical condition of the pipeline and the flow inside, through a combination of sensors, degradation models, and analysis tools
  • Self-contained and distributed packages of sensors with locally produced power and wireless communication

Published September 25, 2006

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