During the next five years between 50 000 and 100 000 km of new pipelines are planned. Several of these are located in extreme environments. This means that new standards will have to be met for pipelines in ultra-deep waters, arctic conditions, or active seismic areas. E-operations entail HSE challenges and opportunities for HSE improvements such as more rapid detection of dangerous/critical situations and deviations of significance for personnel, the outdoor environment, equipment and production.

A continuous mapping of the technical conditions of pipelines and risers has a potential in several areas. During operation it would allow for better control of the actual safety level, the possibilities for more optimal use of the capacity of the system, and the possibility to extend the life time of pipelines. The overall idea is that this should be realised through the SmartPipe concept. Further, this also opens for engineering companies to choose more optimal and cost-effective design solutions and to provide the overall best solution for the manufacturer, the customer and the third party.

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Project manager: Ole Øystein Knudsen, SINTEF Materials and Chemistry
phone: +47 98230420

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