News and events

09-10.01.14: 24-month project meeting hosted by ETH Zürich, Switzerland.

01.10.13: Official Periodic Report was approved by the Commission.

23-25.06.13: 18-month project meeting hosted at BASF in Ludvigshafen, Germany.

10-13.03.13: Jessica Stoltzenberger and Volker Wendisch (UNIBI) to present at the Annual conference of the association of the general and applied microbial microbiology (VAAM) in Bremen: "The methylotroph Bacillus methanolicus possesses two distinct fructose 1,6-bisphosphate aldolases".

26.01.13: Trygve Brautaset (SINTEF) invited lecture at University of Marburg: "Synthetic biology for development of microbial cell factories".

22.-23.01.13: 12-month project meeting hosted at Dechema in Frankfurt am Main, Germany

03-05.10.12: EuroSYNBIO meeting in Groningen: Oral and poster presentations from partner RUG on conventional and methanol-based terpenoid production in Bacillus subtilis.

04-05.08.12: Julia A. Vorholt (ETHZ) Chair of the Gordon Research Conference "Molecular Basis of Microbial One-Carbon Metabolism". Oral and poster presentations by Jonas Müller (ETHZ), "Engineering methylotrophy: in silico solutions, in vivo challenges".

23-25.07.12: CAS Conference synthetic biology, Munich. PROMYSE PC Trygve Brautaset (SINTEF) invited symposium: "Novel expression tools for synthetic biology in bacteria".

09.-13.07.12: 1. CeBiTec-Schülerakademie in Bielefeld, Germany: Volker Wendisch (UNIBI) will discuss industrial biotechnology with selected high school students at the 1. CeBiTec-Schülerakademie "Synthetische Biologie/Biotechnologie". As this outreach activity aims to raise interest in high school students for synthetic biology, he will present the PROMYSE consortium as an example of an interdisciplinary and international research project funded by the EU under the call "Application of synthetic biology to the cell factory notion".

14.-15.06.12: 6-month project meeting hosted at SINTEF in Trondheim, Norway

01.-02.03.12: Kick-Off meeting in Brussels, Belgium

01.01.12: Official start of PROMYSE project

Published June 1, 2012

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