2019-10-10 2nd Pre-ACT Stakeholder Meeting

Mission: Safe and Cost-efficient CO2 Storage for European Industries

(Brussels, Thursday 10th of October 2019, Hilton Brussels Grand Place)

0930-1000: Coffee and small talk

1000-1015: Welcome, Nils Røkke (EVP Sustainability SINTEF, EERA Chair)

1015-1030: CCS in Europe – the EU perspective, Vassilios Kougionas (European Commission, Advanced Energy Production)

1030-1045: CCS industry in a changing climate, Keith Whiriskey (Bellona) 


1145-1200: Pre-ACT – a tool to enable safe and cost-efficient CO2 monitoring, Peder Eliasson (SINTEF, Pre-ACT)

1200-1215: Svelvik CO2 Field Lab – What's up? Cathrine Ringstad (SINTEF, Svelvik CO2 Field Lab)

1215-1230: DigiMon - Digital monitoring of Co2 storage projects, Kirsti Midttømme (NORCE, Digimon)

1230-1245: Monitoring activities at the CaMI Field Research Station in Brooks, AB, Canada, Dennis Rippe (GFZ/SINTEF, aCQurate)

1245-1300: Developing a UK CO2 Storage Pilot, Jim White (BGS, SECURe)

Industrial project and large-scale storage

1400-1415: Learning from Norway's full-scale demonstration project, Anne Cavendish (Equinor, Northern Light)

1415-1430: Storage potential offshore UK, Jim White (BGS, ALIGN and Elegancy)

1430-1445: Storage potential offshore the Netherlands, Filip Neele (TNO, ALIGN)

1445-1500: Horda Storage Hub, offshore Norway, Ane Lothe (SINTEF, Pre-ACT and ALIGN)

Panel debate

1530-1630: The waiting game! Getting CO2 storage out of the deadlock. In the panel: Anne Cavendish (Equinor EU Affairs Office), Jonas Helseth (Bellona, Director of Bellona Europe), Eric Cauquil (Leader Gas & CCUS Risk Management, Total), Nils Røkke (SINTEF, EERA Chair)