There is currently a significant lack of data on the volume of plastic that is put on the Norwegian market, accumulated in the economy, energy recovered or recycled, and how much plastic waste that is subject to unknown disposal with a risk of ending up as litter. Producers and importers are obliged to report volumes of plastic packaging put on the market in Norway. However, there is limited available data on plastic products that are not packaging.

The primary objective of PLASTICENE is to develop new knowledge and research capacity towards addressing sustainable plastic use in Norway. The secondary objectives are to:

  • Determine plastic material flows in Norway
  • Develop tools and methods for assessing the effectiveness of regulatory mitigation measures for decreasing plastic emissions to nature and increasing the circuity of plastics
  • Develop tools and methods for assessing the value creation of implementation of circular business models for plastic products
  • Increase the knowledge on the composition of major plastic material streams in Norway, needed to improve resource utilization of plastic products
  • Explore how different future scenarios from different sectors can affect regulatory processes at different levels of analysis and what adaptation avenues are available to alleviate pressures