Massive multi-type 3D datasets in parallel Environments                                 Hjem til forsiden


To exploit the parallelism now being introduced in commodity hardware to drastically improve access to, interaction with, and processing and presentation of massive static and time-varying 3D rich contents.

The focus in Parallel3D will be on natural and human made objects and structures, medical data, industrial and scientific simulation results, and combinations thereof:

  • To develop methods for rich contents handling that balance three levels of parallelism: Data stream processing (on Programmable Graphics Processing Units), Threading (multi-core CPUs and multi-CPU computers) and Message passing (parallel computers and networks of computers).
  • To address how to organize structures of rich contents in a parallel environment and replace or enhance the traditional scene graph approach with new concepts.
  • To develop working prototypes of core software libraries for handling of rich contents in parallel environments.
  • To supervise two PhD fellows.
  • To demonstrate the new approach for rich contents visualization and interaction on selected large data sets from the public sector and industry.
  • To write tutorials and academic papers for international publication, both addressing domain experts, a general IT audience and a general audience.
  • To disseminate project results to Norwegian industry to establish new and improve existing Norwegian IT-products.

Published May 8, 2007

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