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Parallel3D is a KMB-project (“Kunnskapsprosjekt med Brukermedvirkning” –“Competence project with user participation”) granted by the VERDIKT-program of The Research Council of Norway. A KMB-project is characterized by:

  • At least 20% of the project costs are financed in cash by industry or users. In Parallel3D, Kongsberg SIM is the funding industrial partner.
  • The competence built is within areas with high relevance and potential of growth in the future industrial and commercial development and creation of wealth.
  • There is a well consolidated cooperation between the research groups and the users, and the project is organized to ensure that the project remains relevant to industry and commerce.
  • The participating users can establish the need for the competence built in relation to future production, product development or development of services.
  • The research groups have a high quality and will document the results of the project through scientific publication.
  • The project participates in relevant educational activities and other competence dissemination.

The partners in Parallel3D are:

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